Radiologists Vote!

Dear Fellow Ohio State Radiological Society Member:

2018 Midterm Elections

We are within a week of the 2018 Midterm Election. In January, we will have a completely new administration with a new Governor and expected staffing shifts in every cabinet agency.  Every statewide office will have a new leader and the state legislature will have many new members and a likely shift in majority caucus and minority caucus numbers.  There are two important Ohio Supreme Court seats up for grabs. All 16 Congressional Districts have elections and U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown is being challenged by former Congressman Jim Renacci.  You’ve probably seen the ads and if you’re like me, you’re looking forward to them stopping the day AFTER the election, November 7th.

But first, you need to get to the polls!  You can vote early at your local Board of Elections or vote on election day — next Tuesday, November 6th.

Supreme Court Races

Moreover, the Supreme Courts candidates endorsed by the Ohio State Medical Association are Justice Mary DeGenaro and Judge Craig Baldwin.  Often overlooked, these elected positions are vitally important to physicians and to maintaining consistent medical liability laws in Ohio.  Mary DeGenaro and Craig Baldwin do not believe in “legislating from the bench” and will protect us from having unexpected shifts in the liability environment.

Of course, the Ohio Radiological Society Political Action Committee (ORSPAC) was able to support these candidates, but only with modest contributions.  We need to be doing more for Radiology.   Please consider joining the PAC and help our profession get stronger in Ohio.

At the Statehouse

Here’s are a few things happening in Columbus right now:

  • Medicaid created a portal for providers to share complaints about Managed Care Organizations.  Initial feedback is that it’s working.  If you have experience with it, please let us know what you think.  We are told the process takes 3 minutes, so do not hesitate to try it if you’re running into problems.
  • After the election, there will be a busy lame duck session (November-December).  We are watching many, many scope of practice bills regarding medical providers that would like to expand their independence and prescription authority.  CRNAs, Psychologists, Pharmacists, Physical Therapists, APRNs and others are seeking changes in scope of practice laws and consistently point out a shortage of physicians in rural Ohio as a main argument.
  • Regulatory Reform is on the horizon.  The Ohio Senate President has indicated that sweeping reforms are a priority for him in this lame duck session.
  • The Ohio Department of Health has released new draft rules that would create unnecessary regulations for Ohio Radiologists.  Many providers and even some policymakers acknowledge that there is no data to support a number of these burdensome regulatory changes.  There is a state law requiring that Ohio maintain standards no less stringent than the “suggested state regulations for control of radiation” by the Conference of Radiation Control Program Directors.  Your OSRS is pushing back and fighting for the Department to find a solution that makes sense for you or seek a change in Ohio law.

Join the PAC

Again, take a minute and join the PAC.  If you donate a minimum of $200 a year, you’ll be a member of the President’s Club and have access to special events, but any amount is needed and appreciated.  Check it out and see how easy we’ve made it to give. (*corporate contributions are prohibited)

Thank you in advance for your much needed support.