July 2001 Newsletter

President's Address

dansingerThis year has seen a renewal of our efforts to increase the involvement of the OSRS in the political arena. Working closely with OSMA, our efforts have resulted in successful passage of Senate Bill 4, Prompt Pay legislation. By the time you receive this, the bill will have been signed by the governor. The OSRS was well represented at Ohio Physicians’ Day on April 3rd, 2001. Almost one hundred and fifty physicians gathered on that day in Columbus to meet in an organized fashion with our legislators in the House Office Building and in the Senate Office Building. We encouraged support for Prompt Pay Legislation, Point of Service Options for the Patient, and Physician Joint Negotiation – allowing physicians to negotiate jointly to level the playing field with insurance companies. The advantages to the patient were highlighted in the discussion for all three issues. This represents a recent example of our continued drive to build relationships with our legislators. We must advance beyond even our PACs efforts of RADPAC and ORSPAC to direct communication serving as representatives of physicians and patients to our local legislators. Our success will be realized when not only can we effect legislation but most importantly when we are actively sought out to give advice on Health Care Issues.

In order to help our membership in developing relationships with our local legislators five regional meetings will be held late this summer and early fall. The first will be in Toledo, followed quickly by Columbus, Cincinnati-Dayton, Akron, and Cleveland. These meetings will provide the opportunity for radiologists to meet with their legislators in a relaxed fashion to discuss the important issues our patients now facing in health care. The meetings will be organized by ORSPAC with the help of your local ACR Councilors. Announcements will be sent out by ORSPAC for these meetings. This may be the most important development in the advancement of organized radiology we have seen in recent times. The Executive Council strongly encourages the membership to attend one of these meetings. Please note that you do not have to be a member of ORSPAC or RADPAC to attend.

In closing, I would like to give special thanks to our Cleveland regional councilors, Frederich Dengel, M.D. and George Belhobek, M.D., for organizing our 61st Annual Meeting held on April 28th in Cleveland. This meeting was a departure from our prior academic meetings and emphasized political and economic issues. Topics included Compliance Issues, Physician Contracting, and Government and Hospital Relations. Most importantly we were given an opportunity to discuss these and other issues with fellow radiologists and radiology business managers throughout the state. Those in attendance were so enamored with this new meeting format that the Executive Council voted to continue this for next year in Cincinnati in conjunction with the Radiology Business Managers Association Annual Meeting.

Daniel Singer

OSRS Presents Silver Medal Award to Samuel L. Hissong, MD

silvermedalSamuel Lowell Hissong, MD, FACR of Canton was presented the OSRS Silver Medal Award at the 61st Annual Meeting in Cleveland.

Dr. Hissong is a past president of the OSRS. A practicing radiologist, he is Chief Radiologist and Active Medical Staff member at Alliance Community Hospital. In addition, he serves as Senior Attending Staff and Diagnostic Radiologist as well as Director of Sectional Imaging Services at Aultman Hospital. He is a Professor of Radiology at Northeastern Ohio University’s College of Medicine.
samhissongDr. Hissong is a Fellow of the American College of Radiology, the American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine, and the Society of Radiologists in Ultrasound. He received the 2000 Distinguished Service Award from the American Board of Radiology, and the Distinguished Committee Service Award from the American College of Radiology.

Congratulations, Dr. Hissong!

President's Report

As a result of the $4,000 in contributions in 2000, ORSPAC was able to contribute to a number of legislators and candidates. Events attended include those held for the Speaker of the House, Larry Householder, Senate President Richard Finan and the Republican Senate Campaign Committee. These funds helped the OSRS in obtaining the passage of HB 585, Ohio telemedicine legislation, which became effective on April 9, 2001. In addition, Senate Bill 4 (Prompt Pay) passed the Senate by a 32-0 vote. Tuesday, July 24th, this bill will be signed by the governor.

There are many upcoming issues, including physician profiles, increase in x-ray inspection fees, rules on reimbursement for services, scope of practice, and many more. As a result of term limits, there are over 47 new House and 7 new Senate members, as well as new Chairs and members of the Senate and House Health, Insurance and Finance Committees. As these issues are being discussed, radiologists can and should be out front ready to lend support and knowledge to educate legislators of the effect these bills and regulations have on the practice of radiology.

Physics Committee Report

The Physics Committee is proposing a program to encourage the Medical Physicists who practice in Ohio to become more aware of the values of membership in the American College of Radiology and in the Ohio State Radiological Society.

We have secured from the offices of the American Association of Physicists in Medicine (AAPM) a mailing list of all physics members of the AAPM who reside in Ohio.

We intend to secure mailing lists of medical physicists who may live in adjacent states and who practice in Ohio.

We intend to contact all these medical physicists by letters from the committee and from the President of the OSRS explaining the values of membership to physicists in both the ACR and OSRS. We also intend to explain the contributions physicists can make to the radiology profession (both physics and medicine) by working with our radiologist colleagues on both professional and political matters.

One difficulty in assembling all medical physicists under one umbrella is that the organization of the AAPM is by regions rather than by states. In Ohio we have the Ohio River Valley Chapter that includes physicists from central and southwestern Ohio, from northern and central Kentucky and from central and southeastern Indiana. We also have the Penn-Ohio chapter that includes physicists from eastern Ohio and western Pennsylvania. In addition, the physicists in northeastern Ohio have their own organization and the physicists in northwestern Ohio align themselves with southern Michigan organizations.

With the increase in governmental involvement, it is important that the Ohio physicists speak with one voice to governmental agencies and coordinate their efforts with those of the radiologists so the OSRS can have the greatest impact.
We propose that the 2002 annual meeting of the OSRS be a joint meeting with the medical physicists in Ohio.

The Physics Committee feels the long history of involving medical physicists in the activities of the radiological community (i.e. membership on the executive committee of the RSNA, etc.) provides us with a unique opportunity to move toward more cooperation.

Jerome G. Dare, PhD., MS
George W. Callendine, Jr., PhD

Treasurer's Report

Dr. Frank McWilliams submitted a report that the society has a balance on hand of $148,000.00.

Membership Committee Report

New Members:

  • Sandeep N. Amesur, MD
  • Youssef M. Arshoun, MD
  • David Brine, MD
  • Barbara A. Burr, MD
  • Jeffrey R. Clark, MD
  • Patrick R. Diltz, BS, PhD
  • Malcolm T. Doyle, MD
  • Jeffrey L. Duerk, PhD
  • Richard D. Gibbs, MD
  • Charles A. Giomuso, MS
  • Robert P. Guillerman, MD
  • Jay W. Helgason, MD
  • Sherry A. Hillier, MD
  • Samantha M. Kubaska, MD
  • James K. McGraw, MD
  • Steven G. Marsh, MS
  • Edward F. Martinek, MD
  • Malay K. Mody, MD
  • Philip J. Munschauer, DO
  • Robin E. Osborn, DO
  • Timothy J. Phalen, MD
  • Robert P. Porter, MD
  • Daniel S. Sinclair, MD
  • Andrew M. Scharf, MD
  • Jeff S. Silber, MD
  • Tom X-L Tan, MD
  • Sandra J. Victos, MD
  • Kevin H. Voss, MD
  • Kin T. Wong, MD
  • Jonathan J. Yobbagy, MD

Transferred to Ohio:

  • Michael D. Ames, MD: Indianapolis, IN
  • Michelle Ann Barr, MD: Cleveland
  • Jeffrey B. Betts: Cincinnati
  • M. Patricia Braeuning, MD: Cincinnati
  • James P. Eisenberg, MD, PhD: Defiance,
  • Robert J. Haller, MD: Parma
  • Richard L. Klecker, MD: Columbus
  • Frederick C. Kraus, MD: Peninsula
  • Otto J. Kunst, MD: Lancaster
  • Peter R. Lafferty, MD: New Albany
  • Judy A. McKenna, MS: Sylvania
  • Rebecca Paessun, MD: Dayton
  • Ian A. Sproat, MD, FRCP©: Sylvania,
  • Arthur Stillman, MD: Cleveland
  • Brian D. Weaver, MD: Cincinnati
  • Douglas W. Widman, MD: Columbus
  • Darryl A. Zuckerman, MD: Cincinnati

Transferred from Ohio:

  • Robert K. Dasai, MD: Falmouth, ME
  • David L. Kaufman, MD: Twin Lake, MI
  • Marisol Nunez-Hoyo, MD: Olathe, KS
  • Philip F. Murphy, MD: Tucson, AZ
  • Bennett George Gray, MD: Vincennes, IN
  • Timothy D. Divens, MD: Indianapolis, IN
  • Alain Drooz, MD: Vienna, VA
  • B. N. Essiet, MD: Hixson, TX
  • Laurence G. Hanelin, MD: Tucson, AZ
  • David A. Henry, MD: Brookfield, WI
  • Thu-Anh Hoang, MD: California
  • Richard A. Kraus, MD: Missouri
  • Hamid R. Latifi, MD: Texas
  • Joel E. Lichtenstein, MD: Seattle, WA
  • Ralph C. Kennaugh, MB, ChB: College Station, TX
  • Gary S. Sudakoff: Brown Deer, WI


  • Dieter Bloser, MD
  • Charles J. Doyle, MD
  • Chong H. Kim, MD
  • Eugene A. White, MD
  • Michael R. Hay, MD
  • Donald Marger, MD


ORSPAC Financials

Current Balance $10,476.67
Total Contributions since ORSPAC began in mid 1998 $20,086.00
Average Contribution $134
2001 ORSPAC (Receipts to Date) $2,685.00
Total OSRS members in mailing database 847
Total mailing database (OSRS & ACR Ohio List) 1,300
ORSPAC Membership Target 130
Potential ORSPAC Contributions $17,420.00

Membership History

  • Since ORSPAC began the PAC has received 150 contributions
  • Each year membership increases
1998 10 0 0 10
1999 11 41 1 53
2000 33 28 5 6
2001 10 6 2 too early to determine

If you would like to help support Ohio Radiology as a player in the Ohio political arena, mail your check today to:

c/o Billie Fiori, Treasurer
88 East Broad Street, 9th Floor
Columbus, OH 43215

  • $200.00 Club: $200 or greater donation
  • Sustaining Membership: $75 or greater donation
  • Resident Membership: $10 or greater

Note: Contributions to PAC organizations are not tax deductible, and should be made by personal check.

Fellowship Committee Report

Four Ohio radiologists were approved by the ACR to receive fellowship at the ACR meeting in San Francisco on September, 2001.

July 1, 2001 is the deadline for submission to the ACR for fellowship consideration in 2002. No applications for fellowship have been received this year.

Councilors and alternate councilors should begin a review process to identify candidates for ACR fellowship in their regions, and encourage them to apply.

Stanley B. Ignatow, MD, FACR

By-Laws Change

Article 4, Section 2, Paragraph 1 has been modified as follows:

Delete the following from paragraph 1:

“an application must be endorsed by two active members of the chapter who shall certify the applicants qualifications for membership.

Morgan McBeeJuly 2001 Newsletter