Membership Dues

U.S. and Canadian* Physician Members
   • First year out of training$70$100
   • Second year out of training$235$100
   • Third year out of training$350$100
   • Fourth year out of training$555$220
   • Full physician member$875$220
U.S. and Canadian* Medical Physicist Members
   • First year out of training$120$40
   • Second year out of training$135$40
   • Third year out of training$175$40
   • Full medical physicist member$235$40
U.S. and Canadian* Allied Health Members$235
International Members (Physician or Medical Physicist)$345
International Member-in-Training$120
U.S. and Canadian Medical Student**FreeFree
U.S. and Canadian Members-in-Training Transitional Residents, Residents, radiology-related fellows not yet in practice***FreeFree

*Canadian members are entitled to a 50% discount on ACR dues. Membership in the Canadian Association of Radiology meets the bylaws requirement to join an ACR chapter.

**Eligibility is limited to medical students interested in becoming a radiologist. Requires completion of the member-in-training application form and upload of letter from program on school stationery verifying current status and including program start and end dates.

***Covers internship year, four-year radiology residency and radiology-related fellowship training at an approved program. Requires completion of the member-in-training application form and upload of letter from program verifying current status with training start and end dates.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Individual applications are not required for U.S. and Canadian residents in a four-year accredited residency in diagnostic radiology or radiation oncology since those program participants are automatically provided with complimentary member-in-training membership.


  • ACR chapter membership is required except for U.S. and Canadian physicians and medical physicists in their first year out of training, international members, or active duty U.S. military or USPHS employees.
  • Active duty U.S. military, USPHS and Veterans Administration employees are entitled to a 50% discount on national ACR dues only.
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