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A Letter to Ohio Radiologists: Past and Present

johnolsen@columbus.rr.com Dear Colleagues, I am writing to make an appeal for and justification of organized radiology and organized medicine with the hope of encouraging your participation, even if that means as little as only paying dues and giving financial support. As institutions change and more radiologists become salaried employees, there is a tendency to think

New Ohio Elected Officials Get to Work

Ohio has six new statewide officeholders this year including Governor Mike DeWine; Lt. Governor Jon Husted; Attorney General Dave Yost; Secretary of State Frank LaRose; Auditor of State Keith Faber; and Treasurer of State Robert Sprague. The Ohio House of Representatives has elected a new Speaker and there are more than 30 new freshman members of

Radiologists Vote!

Dear Fellow Ohio State Radiological Society Member: 2018 Midterm Elections We are within a week of the 2018 Midterm Election. In January, we will have a completely new administration with a new Governor and expected staffing shifts in every cabinet agency.  Every statewide office will have a new leader and the state legislature will have

OSRS at the Ohio Statehouse

The Spring Session is winding down at the Ohio Statehouse.  We have a new Speaker of the House and just 2 Session days left before they break for the Summer.  Oftentimes, the legislature will be back once or twice in the Fall before the election and then in full swing during Lame Duck after the election. A

Check-in: What’s Happening at the Ohio Statehouse?

It’s campaign season in Ohio!  You’ve likely noticed when you turn on your local television station or open up your Facebook page or Twitter feed or even your newspaper for those of us that still read them.  The current Governor, John Kasich, is term-limited and the race is on to see who will succeed him. 

New Ohio Bill Seeks Medical Price Transparency

Gongwer News November 14, 2017 Ohioans who need certain medical procedures would be able to get detailed cost estimates before undergoing the processes under legislation detailed by a House Republican on Tuesday. Rep. Steve Huffman (R-Tipp City) said the bill would impact procedures that require prior authorization, helping consumers shop for providers and facilities that

Ohio Bill on Tomosynthesis Coverage Receives Statehouse Hearing

Ohio Senate Bill 121, which would include tomosynthesis in the definition of screening mammography for insurance purposes, received its second hearing in the Senate Financial Institutions and Insurance Committee recently.  Below is an article that was included in a statehouse news publication, Gongwer, summarizing the hearing and the support the OSRS received from the medical community.  No

Ohio SB 121 to Include Tomosynthesis as Screening Mammography

Great news!! Legislation that was initiated by the Ohio State Radiological Society was introduced in Ohio today by Senator John Eklund (R-Munson Twp) to include “Tomosynthesis” as part of the required screening mammography benefits under health insurance policies.  Senate Bill 121 can be viewed at this link under “current version”.  https://www.legislature.ohio.gov/legislation/legislation-documents?id=GA132-SB-121 We will keep you posted

Radiation Advisory Council Saved Upon Signature of Governor Kasich

We were reminded of an important lesson this month to never take your eyes off of the legislature.  In an effort that we organized back in May which we believed had saved the Ohio Radiation Advisory Council (RAC) from sunset against the formal testimony of the Ohio Department of Health, instead, was only a temporary solution as the