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Radiation Advisory Council Saved Upon Signature of Governor Kasich

We were reminded of an important lesson this month to never take your eyes off of the legislature. 

In an effort that we organized back in May which we believed had saved the Ohio Radiation Advisory Council (RAC) from sunset against the formal testimony of the Ohio Department of Health, instead, was only a temporary solution as the RAC was moved back to the “sunset” column during the craziest of legislative seasons, known as Lame Duck Session.

We quickly went to work and with the help of Dr. Paul Geis and Dr. John Olsen among others, we put on a full court press.

We are proud (and relieved) to announce that Ohio Governor John Kasich signed House Bill 471 this week that formally and statutorily retains the Radiation Advisory Council.

See the pertinent language here:  HB471 RAC Retention.

It is the efforts of your peers and your advocates at the Ohio State Radiological Society that are directly responsible for making sure that the issues impacting your industry are prioritized within the Ohio Department of Health.

Congratulations and thank you for your continued support of the OSRS.




Rachel WinderRadiation Advisory Council Saved Upon Signature of Governor Kasich
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